Dynamic Balancing

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Dynamic Balancing 2What is Dynamic Balancing?

Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic Balancing is a method used to eliminate vibration created by unequal centrifugal forces introduced during manufacture. These forces are usually a result of density irregularities in the parent material and/or machining eccentricities and can in many cases be equivalent to several times the rotor’s weight at rotational speed.

Why Dynamic Balance?
Imbalance greatly reduces machine life. Unbalanced components create forces that can cause vibration. This is detrimental to the life of the machine – the rotor, the bearings, and the supporting structure. In the case of high speed rotors, this can compromise operational quality.

Our in-house Dynamic Balancing service uses the latest technology and certified balancing equipment to provide the highest standards of Dynamic Balancing required within the industry. All our work is carried out to ISO 9001 specification by our skilled engineers, and we guarantee the highest levels of both attention to detail, and duty of care to our customer’s components. It has been Andrews Precisions mission to ensure our quality assurance guarantee affords the peace of mind that only comes with total confidence in a service provider.

We have vast experience in Commercial Balancing encompassing all types of rotating equipment including special purpose machinery, rollers, gear shafts, pulleys and high speed turbine rotors running up to 120,000rpm.

Spindle tooling
Unbalance in high speed rotary cutting tools can cause problems including ovality, poor surface finish and reduction in the life of the machine spindle. Our machines are capable of balancing cutters running up to a speed of 150,000rpm and will remove all the problems associated with an unbalanced cutter.

Service industries
Our service is geared to provide a seamless extension to main contractor’s processes. We provide a complete service to the rewind and breakdown industries. Dynamic Balancing – armatures, rotors, impellors, fans, gears etc. We can accommodate rotors of up to 3 metres in length and 1100mm diameter.

Andrews Precision are a West Midlands based company who provide a complete balancing service on all crankshaft assemblies, ranging from single cylinder to V16 cranks. All conrods are balanced end for end and pistons match weighed to within 0.1 of a gram. We specialise in crankshaft knife edging, lightening cranks and Dynamically Balancing them. Flywheels can be lightened to your own specification for improved engine response.

Andrews Precision is committed to providing a Dynamic Balancing service where the quality, delivery and price is unbeatable in the marketplace.