Andrews Precision 2013 Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing 1

Early in 2013, due to the continued expansion of our Dynamic Balancing, Andrews Precision reached a point where the existing premises were just too small to cater with machining and balancing. Anyone who visited our site will know just how tight we were for space. The alternatives were to expand into much larger premises, and … Read more

Andrews Offer new Service to it’s Customers

Schenck centre of gravity 1

Andrews Precision have recently taken delivery of a Schenck special purpose machine which will measure the static balance of an assembled payload.  The Centre of Gravity can be measured for payloads with weights up to 1000Kg, The machine also has an oscillating table for the measurement of Moments of Inertia.  The capacity is up to … Read more



Fiat 500 vibration I have recently rebuilt my Fiat 500 engine, in an attempt to resolve a serious engine vibration problem.  However when trying to get the crankshaft balanced, several companies offered their services but they all let me down, saying it could not be balanced. I approached Andrews Precision Ltd, in Worcester, who advised … Read more

Congratulations To Trevor Wilkinson


Congratulations to Trevor Wilkinson At the end of 2009, Trevor Wilkinson will celebrate 30 years as a Director of a Balancing Company – and it could have been longer! Trevor was the founder of Wilkinson Dynamic Balancing back in 1968 and built up the company through his knowledge, experience and reputation in the market place.  … Read more


BLOODHOUND SSC The BLOODHOUND Project – which aims to break the world land speed record by achieving 1,000mph – is an iconic adventure that will push technology to its limit. BLOODHOUND SSC provides us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Andrews Precision have been chosen … Read more